Sexy and Fun

Boudoir babes from Jeaneen Barnhart

Sweetest Hangover

Put a little sexy fun in your space with Jeaneen Barnharts’s collection of drawings and paintings that go from serious to subdued to down right naughty.  Tasteful nude and sexy art is finding its way into the boudoir, bathrooms and hallways, and, yes, over the sofa of a vastly increasing number of American homes.  There are many sites on the internet for originals and poster prints.  Our giclee images bridge the gap with the quality and look of originals on canvas.  Price for quality is outstanding…especially since these look best au naturel (unframed).

Another fun piece that is just edgy enough.
Another fun piece that is just edgy enough.


Profile: Martha Marshall

 Painting for me is about not thinking too much…

Martha b 11_07 Sm No Hair ColorWithout any advance planning or end in mind, I begin by applying heavy textures and broad strokes to a surface, usually with music playing in the studio, until I am free to ignore the chatter of my left brain. Only then does the real work begin. I like to be surprised by an unusual color combination, or a buildup of textures, or marks that seemingly come out of nowhere. It’s the spontaneity that I strive for.         

Martha Marshall image

Segments I


Martha Marshall beach

Seascape II

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